Will Israel Attack Iran This Year?
TPM Cafe / M.J. Rosenberg
01-Sep-2009 (5 comments)

The other day I talked to a Senate aide who told me that AIPAC has been pushing hard for a tough line on Iran (new sanctions) and for a deadline on diplomacy. It is cool with talking to Tehran but only as a prelude for something more definitive. His exact words; "For AIPAC, it's all Iran, all the time. I don't think they have come in about any other issue for a year or two."

So, while we are all focusing on health care, they are lining up Congressional Democrats to put pressure on Obama to let Israel do whatever it wants to do.

If past is prologue, AIPAC will succeed. With few exceptions, the Congressional leadership in both parties do what the lobby wants them to do. If the lobby decides to push for war, you can count on your favorite liberals to line up behind the policy (just like they did with Gaza).

Bottom line. We better start paying attention.

If we don't, we could have a third Middle East war in our hand, with the entire Muslim world arrayed against us. Just what we need.

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Farhad Kashani

You "love war" if you try to defend yourself = IRIs logic (lack)

by Farhad Kashani on

These IRI supporters don’t get it, do they? They don’t get that PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR GARBAGAE ANYMORE!!! Wake up!


So, let me get this straight: Iran and Israel did not have animosity between them prior to Khomeini’s rule. Suddenly a religious Fascist by the name of Khomeini rules Iran. He states that Israel’s destruction is IRIs goal. So far Israel has done nothing to Iran! So, Khomeini says we need to destroy Israel, and IRI, to no benefit to the Iranian people, starts proxy wars with Israel through Hamas and Hezbollah. At that moment, if Israel says Iran needs to stop f..g with me otherwise I will defend myself, its “AIPAC and Israel that want war with Iran”, not that IRI has provoking the shit out of Israel for 30 years straight for absolutely no reason, to beat the hell out of our country! Great logic you guys!


So it’s ok to mess with someone, if that someone tries to defend itself, we will call them a “warmonger Zionist”!


These pathetic IRI supporting Neo Comms have more issues than I thought!


Shah Ghollam

I like to think of it this way

by Shah Ghollam on

that if it was the Persians that freed thse people from Babylon, it is then on us to put them back into the bottle. Obviously, they have proven they do not deserve a country of their own that is nothing but a threat to its neighbours with an apparthied style government for the past sixty years.

Let us start to wish this: "next year in Jeruselam" !

Kamran Ramyar

Bring them on!

by Kamran Ramyar on

Should Zionists dare touch Iran I swear I will buy a one way ticket, go back and fight them to my last breath!

Shah Ghollam

As the little devil

by Shah Ghollam on

following the big devil, Israel only attacks defenceless women and children with its superior Air Force and ground forces. Israelis are on the contrary very rational people. They know Iran may be far but she has capable long arms for massive retaliation so much that the Zionists could not stomach!!!!!


No they won't

by XerXes on

The way I see it, New Jersey doesn't have enough roads and buildings to support a sudden rush of immigrants.