Sanctions Won't Work Against Iran
Wall Street Journal / John Bolton
02-Sep-2009 (2 comments)

No one should believe that tighter sanctions will, in the foreseeable future, have any impact on Iran's nuclear weapons program.


Sanction Has no Effect on Iran’s Nuclear Program

by varjavand on

The idea of imposing sanction to prohibit the imports of refined petroleum products such as gasoline to Iran is likely to be futile, even if it is approved by the UN Security Council.  First, “Iran, with extensive Chinese involvement, has already begun building new refineries and expanding existing facilities with the aim of approximately doubling domestic capacity by 2012. This will more than compensate for its current refining shortfall. Whether Iran can complete these projects on schedule remains to be seen, but the level of effort is intense and serious” Second, “Tehran is also eliminating government subsidies that make retail gasoline cheaper than it otherwise would be. This will raise prices and thereby reduce consumption” And, third, “Most significantly, Iran's estimated natural gas reserves (948 trillion cubic feet in 2008) are second only to Russia's, and more than quadruple the U.S.'s, since relatively small capital expenditures can refit large motor-vehicle fleets (such as Iran's military and security services) to run on compressed natural gas. Iran also plans to increase subsidies for natural gas, thus diminishing consumer anger over lost gasoline subsidies.



In fact, it may strengthen Iran

by Bavafa on

They are pushing more and more towards self reliance and this may just be a blessing in disguise

They just need to become self reliance in getting rid of tyranny and dictatorship as well