Belgian arrested in alleged Iran arms deal
CNN.COM / Mike M. Ahlers

A man dubbed "the Field Marshal" by one advocacy group for alleged third-world arms dealing has been arrested on charges that he conspired to illegally export U.S. F-5 fighter jet engines and parts to Iran.

Jacques Monsieur, 56, a Belgium native who currently lives in France, was arrested Friday in New York, officials said. An indictment also charges Dara Fotouhi, 54, an Iranian living in France, with participating in the alleged crime. Fotouhi remains at large, official said.

Monsieur pleaded not guilty at an arraignment Wednesday in Mobile, Alabama, where he is being held.

He and Fotouhi are charged with conspiracy, money laundering and smuggling, as well as violations of the Arms Export Control Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

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