Sorry, Iran Is Not Guilty in the 1994 Argentina AMIA Bombing
Daily Kos

The fact that the "wanted by Interpol" line resulted from a  Bush Admin effort should give anyone pause. You know, WMDs and slam dunks and all--never let reality interfere with the story you want to tell... This does not stop a constant chorus of people however, from repeating this false accusation and a litany of other assumptions surrounding it as further evidence of Iran's "true nature." They allege that Ahmad Vahidi, the new choice for Iran's Defense Minister, is connected to the AMIA plot. Again, I don't like defending this man, but he's not guilty of what he's been accused of, and false accusations don't help other important efforts to hold a government to account for its misdeeds. In addition, it is important to note that the line you see in most of the stories about Gen. Vahidi and others being wanted by Interpol, well that came about due to pressure from the Bush Administration on its' way out the door in Bush's last year. The process began in the fall of '07, yes '07-- thirteen years after the bombing. This fact is well documented in a January '08 article appearing in The Nation cited above.

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