IRAN: Jailed former government official tells his story
Los Angeles Times / Borzou Daragahi

A former government official in jail for nearly three months after Iran's disputed presidential election has given an account of his time in detention, speaking along the sidelines of a court appearance this week in Tehran. 

Just four years ago Abdollah Ramazanzadeh (right) was the official mouthpiece for the
Iranian government, the equivalent of the White House spokesman, under the presidency of the moderate Mohammad Khatami.

But just hours after the June 12 election, Ramazanzadeh was forcibly arrested and
locked up in prison. Now he's being held by the same government he once worked for. 

Despite gruelling interrogations, he has apparently refused to crack and deliver a televised confession, as have some of his allies.

At a court hearing on another matter Wednesday, he spoke to a reporter for the reformist, which published his comments today. 

Here are excerpts:

After 80 days in custody, I still don’t know what I’m charged with. 

this time, I’ve been cross-examined many times. In all interrogation... >>>

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