D-Day for the Greens
Tehran Bureau / Dr Sahimi
20-Sep-2009 (3 comments)

The two most important features of the demonstrations, listed below, should not be taken lightly:

First, the fact that there were protests everywhere in Iran demonstrated that the Green Movement is indeed broad and encompassing. The movement has grown in such a way that it has been able to attract a broad spectrum of dissidents, from the most conservative to the most radical. That has become possible partly because of the goals of the Movement, as set forth by Mir Hossein Mousavi in his 11th statement issued two weeks ago: the goals of the Movement must be balanced — not overly radical to deter the more conservative elements, and not too watered-down to disappoint the more liberal elements. In addition, the goals must be such that they can create the broadest and most inclusive consensus.

Second, despite the fact that thousands of people were arrested after the election, hundreds tortured (some to death), raped and sodomized; the most important reformist strategists and leaders rounded up and locked up; Stalinist show trials staged, and “confessions” extracted under immense physical and psychological pressure, people were not afraid to once again come out to the streets, demonstrate and demand their rights.

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Very important info from this article

by IRANdokht on

The names of the people who were arrested who have many well-known names shows how wide the gap in the IRI government and specifically the elite clergy has become. 

Dr Sahimi's articles are very informative and the analysis is sound and concise. 

Dear kharmagas I wanted to wish you a Happy Rosh Hashana too. 



barking at the wrong tree!

by kharmagas on

Dr. Sahimi's views were very moderate towards U.S and Israel even before the latest election in Iran. Since then he has somewhat gravitated to the right (the pro U.S right in Iran [*]) because of his strongly pro green views..... but it seems this guy still keeps barking at him ....


[*] hope mammad does not see the gravitation part of my comment :)


Islamist nuke D-Day

by Fred on

When is the D-Day for the Islamist nuke which contrary to the Islamist nuke lobby's claim is turning out to be not that peaceful?

Are the disciples of Islamist charlatan Ali Shariati still pushing for the Islamist nuke?