Ahmadinejad: Holocaust Is 'Opinion Of Just A Few'
NPR / Steve Inskeep
24-Sep-2009 (2 comments)

Ahmadinejad insisted that Iranians were free to criticize their government. "In Iran, no one is in prison because of opposing Ahmadinejad," he said. "In Iran, there is freedom and people can speak their minds." Thousands of people were detained by Iranian security forces in the wake of the dramatic June protests, in which dozens of protesters were also killed. Many of the jailed demonstrators were released, with officials saying that fewer than 200 remain in custody. During a lengthy exchange, the Iranian leader also confirmed widespread allegations that some prisoners were tortured in custody, calling it "regrettable." He suggested that foreign countries were responsible for provoking the unrest. But when pressed, he said members of his security forces "may lose their jobs" if they are found guilty of abuses. As for the fate of those who remain in prison, Ahmadinejad said he hopes they will be released but added that the security forces must have had good reasons for arresting them. "I'm not in charge of judgments in Iran," he said. "The judicial system in Iran is an independent body of its own, and it follows the laws, and it must operate according to the law." While conceding that some protesters may have been incorrectly imprisoned, he said he had to respect the justice system. "I do not want to say that what actions are taken by the judges are always 100 percent correct, but for there to be order in society, we have to accept the orders of the judge. Otherwise, there... >>>


NPR's interview with A.N.

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Steve Inskeep The host of the NPR's morning show interviewed Ahmadinejad today, for NPR to air tomorrow morning, but the raw audio is available on the website Listen To The Complete Interview Between NPR's Steve Inskeep And Iran's President Ahmadinejad


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