Salehi's interview with Channel 2-part one
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03-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

Salehi said, "The equipment that we are going to install there (in "Iran's Fordu nuclear facility") will be similar to what exists in Natanz and nothing will be different in this respect. The new complex is just more secure in face of any attack and will be immune to all types of threats. Of course, Natanz is a fully industrialized facility and we have projected that up to 50,000 centrifuges will be installed there, which could provide the fuel for the Bushehr nuclear reactor."


Re. Iran's Fordu Nuclear Facility

by Jaleho on

As a perfect confidence building measure, Iran can continue its 3-5% Uranium enrichment needed for nuclear energy, and send some of its low enriched material outside  to be enriched to 20% for medical purpose. A great compromise for now, and different sites can be used to guarantee smooth operation while IAEA can visit the sites.



Nuclear Issues

by NajafVisitor on

while IAEA can visit the sites

Unfortunately, I don't think the IAEA can maintain an ordered response to the international communities demands upon Iran. They get drowned out and dragged into politics, like Hans Blix and the arms inspectors in Iraq.