Iran's women are not afraid
The Guardian / Shirin Ebadi
06-Oct-2009 (4 comments)

Iran today is a country where women are more educated than their male compatriots; more than 60% of university students are female, as are many university professors. Iranian women obtained the right to vote and become members of parliament half a century ago – earlier than women in Switzerland, who achieved this right in 1971. Since that time at least a small number have been present in Iran's parliament. Even the present parliament, which is monopolised by hardliners, has 13 women members. In governments, women have often held senior positions. Even the health minister in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's cabinet is a woman. All this is proof that women have managed to rise within the ranks of the fundamentalists.

And yet despite the cultural, social and historical heritage of Iranian women, the Islamic Republic has imposed discriminatory regulations against them. A man may marry up to four wives and divorce them whenever he desires. But mere will is not enough for a woman to divorce her husband.

Similarly, according to Iranian law, the life of women is worth half of the man's life in terms of >>>

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It is a great article! Thank you for the link!



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Shirin Ebadi

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Is one of my role models, she helps and achieves so much in a system that is very narrow and which tries to suffocate her constantly.


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