A Russian policy shift on Iran?
BBC / Kim Ghattas
13-Oct-2009 (one comment)

After the US, Britain and France announced last month that Iran had failed to disclose a uranium enrichment facility in Qom, President Dmitry Medvedev signalled a shift in position, saying sanctions were "sometimes" inevitable.

It was read in Washington as a direct reaction to revelations about the covert facility.

"Qom was a giant surprise for the Russians," said one senior administration official.

Asked if they were angry when they were told by President Barack Obama about the facility during a meeting in New York last month, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, he said that would be an appropriate word to describe the reaction.

It is unclear why the Russians did not have any intelligence of their own about Qom.

"The people who were in the room [with Mr Obama] did not know about it, but I don't know about other Russians."

Pundits and experts wondered out loud whether Russia had finally come to see Iran the way Washington did and speculation grew about whether Moscow would support sanctions.

Ali Lakani

Of course Russia knew about Qom!

by Ali Lakani on

How naive can these guys be?  They believed Russia when they said they didn't know about Qom!  And they expected their cooperation in taking a tougher stance on Iran!  That's what I call gullible foreign policy.  Russia owns the Mullahs now.  It won't be easy to get rid of them anytime soon.