Interview With an Iranian Blogger
New York Times / Azadeh Ensha & Robert MacKey

In July, during our coverage of Iran’s disputed presidential election, The Lede interviewed Mojtaba Saminejad, one of Iran’s leading bloggers. Mr. Saminejad, whose bilingual Twitter feed continues to be an invaluable source of information on what is happening in Iran, is a human rights activist and journalist.

This week we conducted a second interview with Mr. Saminejad, via the Internet. Mr. Saminejad has continued to post regular updates on the situation inside Iran on his blog and on the Web site of the group Human Rights Activists in Iran, which has an English language news section. Last month he reported on the detention of a fellow blogger and journalist, Fariba Pajouh. This week, he published an interview with the family of Naser Abdolhosseini, a young man who on Saturday was sentenced to death for taking part in the protests.

Mr. Saminejad, 28, has been jailed in the past for blo... >>>

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