Israel and Iran hold first talks in 30 years / Adrian Blomfield
22-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

Israel and Iran have held their first significant meeting in 30 years but the exchanges between the two adversaries quickly descended into acrimony.

Officials in Tel Aviv admitted on Thursday that representatives from the two states' nuclear agencies spoke to each other during a disarmament conference in Cairo last month.

The surprise encounter, the first that either side has been prepared to admit since the fall of the Shah in 1979, seemed to cause deep embarrassment for both sides.

Fearing public disapproval, Iran denied an exchange had taken place at all, calling it a "lie" designed to strike a psychological blow against the Islamic state's "dynamic diplomacy".

Israel begrudgingly acknowledged the exchange, which took place across the conference floor, but was quick to stress that it took place in an atmosphere bereft of conviviality.

"It wasn't face to face as there were other people there and they didn't shake hands," said Yael Doron, the spokesman for Israel's Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC).

Miss Doron did confirm, however, that this was the first such contact in three decades.

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Shah Ghollam

Common sense

by Shah Ghollam on

would say they did not. Iran does not have any need to talk to Israel nor she would under current circumsatnces as much as Israelis are dying to push Iran in that direction.

The discussion on this subject is only with Washington. 

lastely, pay attention to such news! Whenever they mention "undisclosed sources" or undislosed "officials", the news shouldbe immediately branded as "misinformation".

The original source of this news came from Haaretz, an Israeli source. there after, other sources simply repeated the news giving no credible source.

Information war against the Iranians, which is the target of such misinformation, will get even more intense but it does not necessarily mean they are more difficult to detect. 



ABC says they did!

by didani on

Israeli and Iranian Nuclear Officials Met for First Time in 30 Years