Dealing with Iran
Middle East Online / Reza Esfandiari
29-Oct-2009 (one comment)

The West, it seems, cannot countenance perceiving the Islamic Republic of Iran as anything other than a dangerous menace to be firmly dealt with, and not that of a resurgent nation determined to be afforded the respect it believes it deserves.

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As the framework for a possible interim deal on Iran’s enrichment of uranium is prepared, the West has to recognise the reality of Iran’s Islamic civilization, together with its vital interests and security concerns, and not just hope that “regime change” is around the corner and inevitable if enough pressure is applied.

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what is he rambling on

by mahmoudg on

"Not a shred of evidence of fraud was uncovered". Who is he think he is fooling.  A society that is in a lock down mode and fighting for its survival by its snippers picking on its won people, would let out any evidence of fraud!!!!!!  Get with it Mr. Esfandiari, or perhaps you have interests in Iran they have promised you to take care of for you with this piece.