Hunger Strike of Political Prisoners in Sanandaj Prison in Support of Ehsan Fatahiyan
shiro-khorshid-forever / Sayeh Hassan

According to news reports from Committee of Families of Kurdish Political Prisoners, today (Monday November 9, 2009) political prisoners in Sanandaj Prison started a hunger strike in support of Ehsan Fatahiyan. As it was reported earlier Mr. Fatahiyan himself started a hunger strike yesterday afternoon.

Currently there are more than 40 prisoners who are on hunger strike in support of Mr. Fatahiyan. Some of these individuals are Mr. Habibollah Latifi, Mr. Adnan Hassanpour, Mr. Anward Hossein Panahi, Mr. Arsalan Evliyayi and Mr. Jabril Khoroyi.

These prisoners have started the hunger strike even though the Sanandaj Prison is currently infested with the Influenza virus and at least 20 of the prisoners on hunger strike are suffering the Influenza. Mr. Latifi and Mr. Hassanpour are two of the prisoners suffering fromt his disease, however so far no effort has been made to treat these prisoners.

It should also be noted that women’s ward in Sanandaj prison has also joined the hunger strike in support of Mr. Fahatiyan. Ms. Ronak Safazadeh and Ms. Fatemeh Goftari are two of the female prisoners who have joined the hunger strike.

Translation By: Sayeh Hassan

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