Latest News from Sanandaj Prison and Ehsan Fatahiyan (November 10, 2009)
shiro-khorshid-forever / Sayeh Hassan

According to the latest news fromCommittee for the Families of Kurdish Political PrisonersEhsan Fatahiyan has been transferred to the solitary ward of the Sanandaj Prison, where prisoners are taken immediately before execution. The execution team which is scheduled to carry out Ehsan’s execution has also entered the Sanandaj Prison premises.

As a result the political prisoners have started a riot and there are reports of physical altercations between prisoners and prison guards. Also all communication between prison and the outside has been halted, and prisoners are not allowed to have any visitations or make any phone calls.

Many other political prisoners from various prisons have joined the hunger strike in support of Ehsan Fatahiyan. Prisoners from Evin and Rajaishahr prison including Mr. Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydariyan and Farhad Vakili have joined the hunger strike. Other prisoners in Mahabad, Orumiye and Ghore prisons have also joined the strike. The mother of Habibollah Latifi, another Kurdish activist sentenced to death and currently in Rajaishahr prison has also joined the hunger strike in support of Ehsan Fatahiyan.

On a more positive note both Amnesty International and Defend International have issued Urgent Action alerts in support of Mr. Fatahiyan, which I hope will put... >>>

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