Further Arrests in the City of Sanandaj Following Ehsan Fatahiyan’s Execution
Shiro-khorshid-forever / Sayeh Hassan

Mr. Amer Goli, a Kurdish student was arrested and taken to an unknown location today after participating in a protest in the city of Sanandaj.

Today protests were organized at 5pm at the Azadi Square in Sanandaj in reponse to Ehsan Fatahiyan’s execution. According to news report from Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan the police attacked the protestors and many protestors were wounded while others were arrested and taken to unknown locations.

After the protest security forces attacked the homes of students and political activists and arrested at least one other student Mr. Amer Goli. It should be noted that Mr. Amer Goli’s mother Ms. Fatemeh Goftari is a member of Azarmehr Association of Women on Kurdistan and is currently serving a jail sentence because of her involvement with this organization. As well Mr. Amer Goli’s brother Mr. Yaser Goli is serving a 15 year jail sentence on charges of propaganda against the Regime.

Translated by: Sayeh Hassan //zananeazarmehr.blogsky.com/1388/08/22/post-158/

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