The Execution Team in Sanandaj has Moved on to a New Target
shiro-khorshid-forever / sayeh Hassan

According to news from Azarmehr Association of Women of Azarmehr the execution team in Sanadaj, along with Grosi, the head of Judiciary in Kurdistan are traveling to the city of Saqz tomorrow (November 14th 2009), most probably to carry out the execution of Kurdish activist Shirkoh Moarefi.

On Thursday afternoon (November 12th 2009) at 6pm Mr. Moarefi was transferred to the solitary cells reserved for prisoners who are to be executed shortly. 

Mr. Moarefi was arrested on October 31st 2008 in the city of Saqz. After months of interrogation and torture he was sentenced to death in a “show trial”. The death sentence was appealed by Mr. Moarefi’s lawyer however it was confirmed both in the Court of Appeal and the highest Court in the country.

There is great concern over the fact that the execution team has not left Sanandaj and it is believed that this is the beginning of a killing spree by the Regime in Kurdistan.

News report provided by Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan
Translated by: Sayeh Hassan

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