Another Shoe Drops in the NIAC Story
FasterTimes / Daniel Luban

Rogin relays emails between Daioleslam and Kenneth Timmerman, in which the two plot strategy and discuss plans to leak documents to Times reporter
Eli Lake. Timmerman, for those not familiar with him, is a notorious
neoconservative hardliner and longtime advocate of regime change in
Tehran. He founded the ultra-hawkish Foundation for Democracy in Iran
(FDI) in 1995 with Joshua Muravchik and the late Peter Rodman, but
became marginalized in mainstream circles after making a series of
outlandish accusations. Notably, he accused Iran
of having a role both in the September 11 attacks and the 1998 U.S.
embassy bombings; he also alleged the existence of an “insurgency
within the U.S. government” — a conspiracy centered on the CIA and
State Department — that “sabotaged the [Bush] administration’s Iraq war
plans” and was responsible for the failures of the U.S. war effort.


The email makes clear that the attacks on NIAC are simply a means to
an end — the real goal being the sabotage of the Obama administration’s
Iran policy. 

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