Trita Parsi's Response to Eli Lake's Story
The Atlantic / Jeffrey Goldberg
15-Nov-2009 (7 comments)

Here's the response from the National Iranian-American Council to Eli Lake's article which suggests that the group lobbies for Iran:
DC - NIAC is proud of its work to advance US national security through a smarter and more effective policy on Iran. NIAC rejects the insinuations made by Washington Times that its activities are in violation of tax laws, the Foreign Agents Registration Act and lobbying disclosure laws.

NIAC has provided tens of thousands of documents and all its financial records in order to prosecute a defamation case against Hassan Dai. Those documents prove the allegations made against NIAC are completely false. The judge denied Dai's motion to dismiss the case on 18 out of 19 counts. Realizing this, the defendants have decided to maliciously leak those documents to a reporter at the Washington Times, Eli Lake, in an attempt to litigate the case in the media rather than in a court of law.

NIAC is a 501 (c)3 educational organization representing Americans of Iranian descent. It engages in educational, advocacy and limited lobbying activities in accordance with US laws and regulations. NIAC does not lobby on behalf of the Islamic Republic. NIAC advocates on behalf of the Iranian-American community, who overwhelmingly oppose the policies of the government of Iran.

Mr. Lake's article does not... >>>

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Shah Ghollam

Kashani, Fred and Iranlast

by Shah Ghollam on

The iranian pubic at is awaiting your disclosures on your religion(s). Any gutts yet?

Shah Ghollam

Oh yes! Fred and Kashani

by Shah Ghollam on

If these two could ever be courageous enough to tell visitors here what their religion is, we would then all understand why they hold the point of view they hold at !

Kashani, seems to be ashamed of his religion and Fred....well, what can I say? He may have the same excuse too! 


Thanks Irandokht to share this with us.

by Bavafa on

Of course if any organization is not advocating bombing Iran (mostly on Israel behalf) of course it is an IRI front and supporter, this is if you listen to Fred and company (Farhad Kashani)



Fred jan

by IRANdokht on

The fact that you have changed your tone from a steadfast anti-NIAC position to mere doubt and "unanswered questions" is a victory all on its own ;-)wait and read some more, I am sure your questions will be answered too.



NIAC is a lobby after all

by Fred on

NIAC lobby’s lifetime president and chief lobbyist in part says:

“It engages in educational, advocacy and limited lobbying activities in accordance with US laws and regulations.”

So all those who were saying NIAC is a lobby weren’t off the mark after all. The rest of the stuff chief NIAC lobbyist says including the dismissive way he glosses over the lobbying with the Islamist Rapist Republic’s ambassador is a subject for the court to decide.  

There are a lot of unanswered questions left to this very serious matter and the usual NIAC lobby tactic of labeling doubters is not going to work in the legal proceeding.  




by IRANdokht on

so necon is a label but calling people islamist and neocomm is not considered labeling? 

LOL  thanks for the funny comment Farhad jan you made my day :o)


Farhad Kashani

This whole labeling people

by Farhad Kashani on

This whole labeling people “neo cons” and blaming Islamists crimes on them is old and has proven dead wrong. If anything, Neo Cons got it right on Iran, and have gotten it right on other issues. It’s the “Neo Comms” like NIAC and others who have always gotten it wrong about Iran and other issues.