Kajol Sheykh Mohammadi a Woman’s Rights Activist has Gone on a Hunger Strike
shiro-khorshid-forever / Sayeh Hassan

Ms. Kajol Shyekh Mohammadi was arrested 53 days ago in the city of Mahabad. According to reports from Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan Sepah’e Pasdaran forces arrested her in her home and confiscated many of her personal belongings including her passports and her identification documents. 

It must be noted that a week before her arrest Ms. Shaykh Mohammadi had had an operation on her stomach and she was in poor health at the time of her arrest. Her health has gotten much worse since arrest and she has not been able to see a doctor as of yet. 

Ms. Shaykh Mohammadi’s husband was forced to leave Iran two years ago due to threats on his life by security forces. She has lived alone with her two children for the past two years, and her immigration case to Sweden (where her husband lives) was recently accepted. Unfortunately she was arrested immediately after receiving this acceptance from Sweden.

After going through series of difficult interrogation and seriously suffering health wise she began a hunger strike 48 hours ago.

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