IRAN: Authorities confiscate lawyer Shirin Ebadi's Nobel Peace Prize
Los Angeles Times / Alexandra Sandels
26-Nov-2009 (4 comments)

Less than a year after authorities stormed the offices of Iranian human-rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi, taking sensitive documents and her computer, unidentified authorities have now allegedly taken the Nobel Peace Prize medal and diploma from Ebadi's bank safety deposit box, said officials in Norway, which administers the prize.

Outraged officials in Oslo say the incident is unprecedented and has sent shock waves through the Norwegian foreign ministry.

“This is the first time a Nobel Peace Prize has been confiscated by national authorities," Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Store said in a statement posted to his agency's website. "The medal and the diploma have been removed from Dr. Ebadi’s bank box, together with other personal items. Such an act leaves us feeling shock and disbelief.” 

Ebadi was awarded the prestigious prize in 2003 for her many years of legal work advocating on behalf of Iranian political activists, religious and ethnic minorities, women and children. She was the first Iranian to win the prize. 

But intimidation and harassment from Iranian authorities have become a part of everyday life for Ebadi. She has had her home vandalized, apparently by members of hard-line political groups close to the
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Majid Zahrai

Norweigians need to learn the Iranian humor

by Majid Zahrai on

The report says that Norweigian authorities are very upset with IRI for confiscating Shirin Ebadi's Nobel Award.  Their foreign minister has said "Norway from now on will keep an extra close eye on events in Iran."

Norweigians need to learn the Iranian sense of humor which sees the irony in the theft of such an article!

The humor is priceless and oh so appropriate!




by sag koochooloo on




by yolanda on

 This news is the #1 news on AOL website right now. I am sure it will generate more international outcry and put IRI on spot. IRI appears to be pretty desperate at this point! IRI forgets that they can take away the medal, but they cannot take away Ebadi's honor. IRI can't re-write the Nobel Prize history.....IRI is absolutely unreasonable!!!

Thanks for posting the news!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Iranian sense of humor???

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

I beg to differ with you Sir!

If anything, it must show our collective sense of SHAME...

The only thing Norweigians can learn from this Idiotic behaviour is yet another proof of how low, insecure and fearful the Islamic authorities in Iran really are...

Unfortunately, us Iranians are also being judged around the world based on such stupid actions by bunch of stupid and psycho-path thugs!!! We are all guilty by some unwanted association whether we like it or not!

To make this into a joke and DALGHAK-BAAZI yet another time shows again another of our own self infllicting damage to our own level of maturity and image as a nation on the world stage! 

With your way, we prove to the world that we are in fact bunch of morons who deserve this Evil islamic regime in charge of our country, people and identity as whole! We have practiced indifference and made jokes of our sad situation in the past 30 some years!!! Where are we today as a nation and a country with Dalghak-baazi and making a joke of our serious problems???  in the lowest possible.

 There is nothing to laugh about on this, but to cry for instead! unfortunately...

Be onvane yek Irani, in yek dalile deegari baraye sarafkandehgee va khejalateh mahze amoo!!!! Boro Khoda pedareto beeamorzeh...

It is time to grow up! Once and for all ...

Awareness, Consciousness, Love and Peace.