Mr. Kamran Asa, the Brother of Kianoush Asa has been arrested
Shiro-khorshid-forever / Sayeh Hassan

Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan: Mr. Kamran Asa the brother of Kianoush Asa (a Kurdish student who was murdered during the recent protests after the presidential [s]elections) and one of their close family friends Mr. Bijan Rezayi were arrested yesterday on December 7th 2009 National Student Day in Iran.

Mr. Asa had been invited as a representative of the Asa family to attend the Student Day demonstrations at “Elmo Saanat” Univeristy. He was arrested along with Mr. Rezayi as they were leaving the demonstration.

Mr. Asa through a phone conversation last night alerted his family of his arrest as well as Mr. Rezayi’s arrest, stating that he did not know where they were being held. The Asa family is extremely concerned about the health and well being of both of these young men.

Kianoush Asa was finishing up his last term of an Engineering Degree at Elmo Saanat University when he was shot to death by Regime Agents during a protest.

Recently Kianoush Asa’s mother and brother wrote a letter to the head of judiciary asking for an inquiry into the death of Mr. Asa, as well asking that those who were responsible for his death be punished.

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

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