TIME steals from Ahmadinejad Playbook – “Hey TIME, WHERE IS MY VOTE?”

Several weeks ago Time setup an online poll:

Who will be Person of the Year 2009?

Interestingly the following was posted at the beginning of the poll:

Take a look at the candidates and give them your rating — though TIME’s editors reserve the right to disagree.

This begs the following question: Why in the hell bother with an online poll then? TIME, are you ignoramuses? This may be a fun little game for you, but the world has for years taken your publications choice seriously. What better opportunity did you have in the past 30 years to pick a person of the year as unique as Iran’s Protesters, who have been protesting and risking their lives for months in the face of the most despicable tyranny? Did you not see how they courageously took videos with their cell phone cameras and risked their lives getting the footage out to the world via Twitter and the social-networks, despite a government ban on foreign-journalists? Did you not see how violently the regime cracked down, and how despite that the people are still protesting the fraudulent election. Have you not seen their courage? Are you truly blind?

But I digress. Let’s provide a bit more information, so people reading this article from scratch wondering why I am unhappy (to say the least) with TIME understand what happened.

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