Iran's dissident Grand Ayatollah Montazeri dies
20-Dec-2009 (7 comments)

One of Iran's most prominent dissident clerics, Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri, has died aged 87.

"Hoseyn Ali Montazeri passed away in his home last night," state-owned Irna news agency said.

Hoseyn Ali Montazeri was a moving spirit in the 1979 revolution which created Iran's Islamic state, and was at one stage set to become its leader.

One of Shia Islam's most respected figures, he was also a leading critic of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Grand Ayatollah Montazeri issued a fatwa condemning President Ahmadinejad's government after June's disputed election.


But that was not his first clash with authority.

He had repeatedly accused the country's rulers of imposing dictatorship in the name of Islam.

Grand Ayatollah Montazeri had been designated to succeed the Islamic Republic's founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, but the pair fell out a few months before he died of cancer in 1989.

In 1997 he famously clashed with Ayatollah Khomeini's successor, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, after questioning the powers of the Supreme Leader.

This led to the closure of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri's religious school, an attack on his office in Qom and a period of house arrest.

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My memory of him is about

by benross on

My memory of him is about his lovely comment on 'football', which was way before his open discontent with Khomeini. But it was already a sign that this person has love in his heart and can not carry on along Khomeini much longer.

He suggested in order to avoid fight and violence between players of football, it's better to give a ball to each player... no more fight over a single ball!

Ali9 Akbar

If he was poisoned as some suggest

by Ali9 Akbar on

this will be another call for the OUSTER OF THE REGIME....






by sag koochooloo on

Condolensenses to his family.

Sadjadpour has said what made Montazeri unique was his integrity. Despite the power and wealth that many of Iran's political clerics have amassed, very few of them will die like Montazeri, revered by the public and with their integrity intact.


May he rest in peace

by divaneh on

He proved to be a great man. He even confessed to past mistakes and that makes him even greater.


A blessing in disguise!

by hooshie on

Or may be not in such a disguise. He was one of the grand architects/allies of the velayate faghih doctorine, only turned against it out of personal rivalry with Khomeini.




by Fatollah on

He was near 90! :)

But, the timing of his death was not good!



Oh No

by azadi5 on

He was a one of Khamenie and Ahmadinejad's biggest critics. I wonder if he has died of natural death.