The 21st Century's First Authentic Revolution
Huffington Post / Mahmood Delkhasteh
28-Dec-2009 (5 comments)

The violent confrontations at yesterday's Ashura demonstrations, which resulted from widespread resistance to the brutality of the regime's various security forces, have shifted the balance of the struggle towards the people. The question is no longer whether this corrupt regime will be overthrown, but rather when it will go, and how. It is clear that this struggle, which began as a simple protest against the rigged presidential election, can no longer be defined as a movement for either state reform or civil rights. Yesterday's demonstrations, occurring throughout the country and from Tehran to the smallest towns, cannot be defined by any term other than revolution.

Dictatorships always maintain a fragile balance between fear and anger, which they either inflict on or produce for the people they rule. As long as the fear of the regime's power outweighs anger at its effects, its position is relatively secure. But if this balance tips with changes in conditions either at home or abroad, and if feelings of anger begin to supersede those of fear, then given opportunity and circumstances it is safe to assume that a regime's days are numbered. Yesterday, in defiant resistance against thousands of security forces and carrying with them in demonstrations the experiences of more than a century of struggle for democracy, Iranians demonstrated to themselves and to the world that this is truer than ever of the Iranian regime. The balance has tipped from fear to anger, and the... >>>


Don't underestimate the power of our people!

by IRANdokht on

Although I have my disagreements (and occasional arguments) with Mr D, I believe this is a great article worth reading and considering.



Thank you gentlemen

by IRANdokht on

I agree with FB and Bavafa about the outside interference being a threat to this movement.

DK jan

I do not agree 100% with Mr Delkhasteh or Mr Dabashi (or anyone else for that matter) . The beauty of keeping an open mind and hearing everyone out is that you have the opportunity to make up your own mind and not be a blind follower to anyone. ;-)

Get some rest DK jan, New Year's Eve is coming and you need all the rest you can get to prepare for the partying  :o)


Fouzul Bashi

Irandokht jan, thank you

by Fouzul Bashi on

As Bavafa says, let's hope any change will be authentic and without outside interference.  Our people deserve better.

DK - In the link you give, Dabashi is giving his perception of what the majority of people in Iran wantED at the time of that panel.  

Firstly, this is an evolving process and as things move on and as the regime becomes more entrenched so do the people and their demands move on from questioning the legitimacy of the elections and government to the legitimacy of velaayat-e faghih and the regime.  Secondly, even now, great and vibrant as this movement is, there is no evidence that the majority of the population is seeking an overthrow of the IR, or that the movement that we witness represents a majority of the population.  This however does not mean that as the situation unfolds and becomes more aggravated, the regime change would not become the central demand of an increasingly larger proportion of the population.  

Darius Kadivar

So it's No More about Reform but Revolution ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Happy that we can finally agree that Regime Change is the only option left !


I wonder if Dabashi Shares our assessment :


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Thanks for sharing this info Irandokht Jaan. Had a Short Sleep last night so won't prolong my comments here.

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Lets just hope the outside forces don't spoil this great movemen

by Bavafa on

Any interference or attack could easily give this monster regime the excuse they need to come down on people even harder and some people may feel the need to unite and set aside their aspiration just to defend their country.