Iran State Media Blames the “Baha’i Sect” for Recent Unrest
The Muslim Network for Bahai Rights
31-Dec-2009 (2 comments)

Yesterday in Iran, articles appeared in two government-run news outlets blaming the Baha’i “sect” for the recent unrest in Iran, and namely the widespread protests that took place across the country on the day of Ashura. The Javan Newspaper, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, claimed that the protesters in “Mousavi’s camp” tore Qur’ans during the protests, and that this is a practice that is common among the “Baha’i branch” of Mousavi’s staff. The semi-official Fars News Agency, which has recently seen an influx in its ranks of Basij members, claimed that “Baha’ism under the leadership of Zionism is behind the latest crisis and unrest”.

The following is a translation from Farsi of the relevant paragraphs of the Fars News Agency story:

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you forgot some.....

by doost on

snow....rain...drought...smog...pot holes...

Ali9 Akbar

Here is a partial list of things the IRI blames on the Bahais...

by Ali9 Akbar on

Bad breath... Stinky feet.... Dirty laundry... the price of Gasoline... Global Warming... Hang overs... Ants, mosquitoes  and flies at the picnic... dogs getting into the garbage... the ring of dirt in your bath tub... .snarled traffic on the 405....