To be pro-Ahmadinejad is to be anti-peace
JPost / Gil Troy
03-Jan-2010 (2 comments)

The pro-Iranian movement - and that's what it is when it opposes Ahmadinejad's Iran - should focus on effective pressure points. Germany should be a particular target, given the billions of dollars in business Germany conducts with Iran annually. The country responsible for the 20th century's most horrific genocide should do what it can to derail the country so far most brazenly promising to enact a genocide in the 21st century - especially given that Jews were the target then, and now. Iranian diplomats throughout the world should be shouted down, shamed in public, targeted - in nonviolent, creative ways, of course - for representing this despicable regime. And every government in the world today must be held accountable for its inaction in fighting this evil. President Barack Obama in particular must hear from the young Americans who idolize him that his "Yes We Can" message must resonate more loudly, clearly, pointedly, and yes, aggressively in Teheran.
While the pro-Israel student community should forge broad alliances against Ahmadinejad, campus Zionists should focus their activities on Iran in the next few weeks, building up to the annual anti-Israel week during which the democratic state of Israel is falsely compared to South Africa's abhorrent Apartheid regime. Maybe this is the year to ignore the anti-Israel activities that week by simply beefing up the push against Ahmadinejad... When asked at the breakfast if all the petition-signers were Jews -... >>>


Hijacking Iran's Green Movement

by IRANdokht on

It's crucial to keep an eye out and not fall for the airtight sanction advocates who are trying to hijack the green peaceful movement of Iranian people to advance their own agenda, speaking about "human rights" while supporting the biggest human rights violator state!  The "new" tactic is to target Ahmadinejad, who deserves all the blame and condemnation in the world for his despotic and criminal rule. But having bunch of Zionist supporters of the ONLY functioning Apartheid regime in the world to attempt to divert attention from their own crimes and constant violation of the Palestinians human rights must be answered by alert Iranians who are not going to be treated as suckers by these criminals.



Well said ID and thanks for posting this

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