Iran's Younger, Smarter Revolution
The Daily Beast / Hamid Dabashi
03-Jan-2010 (3 comments)

The latest wave of protests won't be the last. Iran scholar Hamid Dabashi on a civil-rights movement centuries in the making—led by a generation that knows how to fight with brains.
The paramount question these days, six months into the making of the Green Movement, is will the Islamic republic fall? Is this yet another revolution in the making, like the one we saw in 1979? Or will the military apparatus of the Islamic republic crash through the streets of Tehran and other cities like a fully charged armadillo and turn Iran into a theocratic dictatorship, ruled by a military junta like Pakistan, clad in an ideological fanaticism borrowed and expanded from Mullah Omar and the Afghan Taliban?
The new generation of Iranians has now poured into the streets not with our habitual chants of “where is my gun,” but with their strange but beautiful incantation of “where is my vote?”
For the last six months and since Day One of this uprising, lovingly code-named the Green Movement (Jonbesh-e Sabz), I have consistently called and continue to call it a civil-rights movement. This does not mean I am blind to its revolutionary potentials, violent dimensions, or destructive forces. It does not mean that the Islamic republic may not, or should not, fall. I keep calling it a civil-rights movement because I believe that the underlying social changes that have caused and continue to condition this movement are hidden behind a political smoke screen. As our attenti... >>>


The Right Generation for Change

by IRANdokht on

"دست هایم را در باغچه می کارم
سبز خواهم شد،می دانم
،می دانم،می دانم
و پرستوها در گودی انگشتان جوهری ام
تخم خواهند گذاشت "
فروغ فرخزاد


Darius Kadivar

Another Mozakhraf Article as Usual by Hamid Dabashi LOL

by Darius Kadivar on

From the Regular Monarchist-Hater Dabashi is ...

Some Idiots NEver Change in wanting to HIGHJACK other people's patriotism ...

Not suprising for a Closet Islamist with no credibility but his own EGO :

Hamid Dabashi: "Iranians do not want to overthrow the Islamic Republic":


Sorry Irandokht Jaan but Dabashi is my Favorite TETE DE TURC !




Shahin Najafi interview

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