22 Bahman Protest information for Toronto and Ottawa
Shiro-khorshid-forever / Sayeh Hassan

1. There will be a protest this Friday (February 6th) in Toronto, at the Mel lastman Square between 4:30-6pm. The protest is to commomorate the 40th day anniversary of all freedom loving Iranians who lost their lives during the Ahshura protests in Tehran. The protest is to show solidarity with the Iranian people who are risking everything to fight for a free and democratic Iran.

2. There will be a second protest on Thursday February 11th 2010 between 4-6 at the Mel Lastman Square in Toronto to mark 22 Bahman, large scale protests are being organized in Iran for that day and we Iranians and Canadians residing in Toronto will be gathering to show solidarity with the Iranian People.

3. A demonstration is being organized in Ottawa for 22 Bahman (February 11th) in front of the Iranian Embassy between 11:30-4pm. Given the fact that the Islamic Regime Embassy is the only one in North America it is very important for s to gather in front of this Embassy and show our solidarity with the Iranian people. I know it will be cold and we don't all necessarily live in Ottawa, but I urge everyone who is able to gather in front of the Embassy. This could be the most important protest of the year.

It's my undrestanding that these protests are organized by ordinary people who do not belong to any group or organization. Everyone is welcome with all ideologies, flags and signs.

Down with the Islmaic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

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