A view into Tehran (10:47 a.m. on 22 Bahman)
Google Lat Long / Jesse Friedman
12-Feb-2010 (2 comments)

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and with it a new round of demonstrations has presumably arisen. With tight controls of media and Internet access, it's very hard for those outside of Iran to get a clear picture of what's going on on the streets of Tehran and around the country.

Thanks to our partners at GeoEye, we're able to share with you one independent view: from 423 miles in space, via the IKONOS satellite. The road in the heart of the image is Azadi Road in the heart of Tehran. It was taken at 10:47 AM local time on February 11, and shows huge throngs in the streets:

In addition to this view from above, hundreds of videos from on the ground are finding their way around government lockdowns on websites such as YouTube and providing witness to the world. For a selection of these views, visit CitizenTube, a blog about citizen journalism maintained by our colleagues at YouTube.

Posted by Jesse Friedman, Associate Product Marketing Manager

Ali Lakani

Google image shows sparse crowd at Azadi Square

by Ali Lakani on

Liars caught red-handed!  Image shows Azadi Square 10 minutes before Ahmadinejad's speech at 10:47 A.M. and this crowd is nowhere near the lies IRI media dished out about 5 million pro-government demonstrators.  How embarrassing!



Nobody made a claim

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

that five million gathered at Azadi. The claim of five million is well substantiated by gauging the crowd from Emam Hussein square to Azadi square.