Rewriting Green Movment Script
Institute for War and Peace Reporting / Jafar Farshian

It is clear that the Iranian opposition failed on February 11 to demonstrate its strength to the world, even though they have done it before. However, that was not because the opposition no longer exists, or because the people of Iran care more about the nuclear power issue, or that the security forces were just too numerous.

It should have become obvious to the opposition weeks ago that the time has come to shift their tactics. They must move beyond just trying to seize important days of the calendar like the mourning day of Ashura in December or the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on February 11 as their only way of displaying their strength.

Using symbolic dates like this to make the point that people are dissatisfied with the regime is just one of many possible tools but by no means does it amount to a strategy.

As in the cinema, you can only get by on clichéd imagery for so long before people start to question their faith in your work. The opposition movement in Iran faces the same crisis; their story is underdeveloped and the actors are well past their prime. To save this production they need to re-write the script.

The Green Movement leaders seem unable to decide whether they believe the Islamic Republic should continue or not.

One of its leaders, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, has been very clear on his attachment to the system he helped found as he showed in his January 27 statement, “I feel the need to emphasise the Islamic and ... >>>

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