Interpol puts Dubai killing suspects on wanted list
BBC / BBC Wire Report
18-Feb-2010 (6 comments)

The 11 people suspected of killing a Hamas commander in Dubai have been placed on international police organisation Interpol's wanted list.

Interpol has posted the photographs and names it suspects were used fraudulently by the individuals.

Dubai's police chief says he is 99% sure Israeli secret service agents were involved in Mahmoud al-Mabhouh's death, but Israel says there is no proof.

The UK has expressed "outrage" that six British passports were used.

Miliband vow

Interpol has issued Red Notices for the suspects. Although not an international arrest warrant, a Red Notice requests that the suspects be arrested pending extradition.

nterpol said it believed the suspects had stolen the identities of real people and the names were used as aliases.

It said it was posting the photos and names "in order to limit the ability of accused murderers from travelling freely using the same false passports".

Interpol secretary general Ronald K Noble said: "[We do] not believe that we know the true identities of these wanted persons."

Mr Noble said he hoped the investigation process would "help to establish the innocence of the ordinary citizens and even of countries whose identities were stolen and fraudulently used".

In response to the Interpol move, Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim called for it to issue "a Red Notice against the head of Mossad", the Israeli secret service.

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Ali9 Akbar

I don't think so IMF dot net

by Ali9 Akbar on

I still believe that the IRI was responsible for the murder of it's own scientist BECAUSE  the IRI was able the stifle the opposition's counter demonstrations on 22 Bahman ....



by Shepesh on




by on

whatso4me:  Your comment is very disturbing.

Who is 'We all'?


Let me take the liberty and clarify! By "We all" he means us Iranians. Yo should not at all concern yourself unless you are worried about the US getting involved an yet another but farmor devastating war that would deplets far more Billions of US treasury than we have seen in both Iraq and Afghanestan wars!


whatso4me:  Your comment

by vildemose on

whatso4me:  Your comment is very disturbing.


Who is 'We all'?


These are confrontational times

by whatsso4me on

The US got tough on Saddam in '03. This is being repeated vis-a-vis Iran at this very moment. I think we all must prepare for the eventuality of war.


If it was murkey before

by on

It is now clear who is responsible for the killing of the Iranian scientists.

Israel has been involved in terrorist acts even before creation of Israel as the country. They kill anyone who they deem "enemy", a thinking process that any other terrorist would use.

Iranian nuclear activities in becoming self sufficient in nuclear cycle for peaceful purposes are unacceptable to Israel and thus Iranians who want such capability are labeled enemy of state. Iranian nuclear scientists are thus threats of assassinations!!!