On city street, another "Green' movement rolls out
Los Angeles Times / Ramin Mostaghim
20-Feb-2010 (one comment)

Every day 35-year-old shopkeeper Reza Baqerpour Uskowi takes the subway from his west Tehran home, gets off at the Sarsabz Metro stop and walks over to the Bicycle House, where he slips his card into a reader, pulls out a bicycle and then rides the rest of the way to work

"It's just a couple of kilometers away," said the fabric vendor, among thousands of residents in the capital who are slowly taking advantage of a new fad that shows much about the changing values of Iran's middle class.

As soon as Morteza Majidi, 26, opens the Bicycle House at 7 a.m., riders as diverse as high school and college students, engineers, doctors and younger merchants rush to borrow the 40 bicycles he carries for a few hours.

The municipality has established a dozen of such bicycle venues in one district of the city as part of an experimental program to help ease traffic congestion, improve air quality and cater to the desires of increasingly health- and fitness-oriented Iranians.

The program resembles similar ones launched in European cities, except for one glaring feature.

Even though women are also eager to rent the bicycles, they can't because of Islamic and cultural restrictions.

"First we should pave the way culturally," said Manouchehr Daneshmand, a veteran bicyclist who oversees a branch of the Bicycle Houses. "We should let the eyes of people get used to it, and when everybody gets used to riding bicycles in public, then we gradually let wom... >>>

Maryam Hojjat

Another "GREEN" Rolls out

by Maryam Hojjat on

Dear Iranian.Com Friends,

Another reason to be hopeful about our "Green" Movement.