Vandalism of Cyrus Cylinder article in Wikipedia by Eurocentrists / Kaveh Farrokh
10-Mar-2010 (7 comments)

“Cyrus the Great”, may soon need to reassemble his army of Immortals! However, this time, instead of 10‟000 highly trained warriors, he may only require a few IT experts; as these days, his articles in Wikipedia are controlled by a group of cyber-vadalists, led by a person called Jona Lendering, who specializes in attacks on Iranian Art, Culture and History; his major area of activity is Internet; he has collected a team of Wikipedia users to maliciously change the articles of Iranian History, especially the records of "Cyrus the Great" and the "Cyrus Cylinder" in Wikipedia.

Unsurprisingly, the Islamic government of Iran has found him useable and has provided him with funds and an office in Tehran to ensure that he has a much more effective performance in execrating the Ancient Iran! Worth mentioning that recently, the Islamic rulers of Iran have made tremendous effort to return the "Cyrus Cylinder" from Britain to Iran (however unsuccessful so far)1, which if done, undoubtedly, would be the end for the Cylinder; by the same plan, in which, is to flood Cyrus's Tomb located in "Pasargad" by constructing the Sivand dam, also destroying many other archaeological remains of the Per-Islamic Iran such as the "Temple of Anahita" and the "Palace of Apadana" in "Persepolis".

The article below from Rozaneh Magazine provides more details about his co-operations with the radical Islamic regime of Iran;

Maryam Hojjat

Vandalism of Cyrus Cylinder article in Wikipedia

by Maryam Hojjat on

Greetings to All, You may find the following of interest:Koorosh Ahmadi: Vandalism of Cyrus Cylinder article in Wikipedia by Eurocentirsts



Another link to the article

by Cyrusace on

Here is the link to the Google Documents format of the article, if Dr. Farrokh's link doesn't work;


If anyone is interested to fix up the article, please contact me; We need a group of experienced Wiki users, possibly a few admins too.


See: Report a problem w/ article within wiki contact list below

by MM on

As VPK suggested, NIAC would be a good source too.  Previously, they contacted Wiki on an inflammatory article and had it removed. 

I can not get to the source-article from the link above.  Please site the correct wiki source, let's figure out exactly what the problems with the facts are, and then we can contact to fix.  In order to counter the facts in a wiki article, we need to have established facts, maybe from other legitimate sources that contradict the authenticity of the wiki article.  Our resident readers such as samsam or ari could also help with the correct referencing.

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e.g. nonsense; libel; errors; copyright issues  

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Is a very questionable source. But a lot of people use it. Thank you MM for looking into this. This is just what we need NIAC for. That is what they are good at.


Thanks MM. Keep us posted.

by vildemose on

Thanks MM. Keep us posted. Maybe we should contact Iranica encyclopedia too??


wikipedia has a watchdog that monitors fraud and abuse.

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I will find out how.


What can we do about this?

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What can we do about this?  Unbelievable cyber  genocide of our culture.