Crippling, Crushing, and Suffocating Iran
The Nation / Robert Dryfuss
30-Apr-2010 (4 comments)

Senator Joe Lieberman, but must instead "marshal the economic, political, and if necessary [its] military power" against the "fanatical regime." Representative Gary Ackerman declared that crippling sanctions weren't strong enough, insisting that the world must impose "suffocating" sanctions on Iran – and even then, he said, "success in this effort is unlikely" and that Iran would "have a nuclear weapon in less than two years." Representative Dan Burton of Indiana upped the ante, nearly foaming at the mouth while saying that the military people he talks to say that Iran could have The Bomb within one year, adding ominously: "We have to do whatever is necessary to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons." Representative Brad Sherman of California denounced those who want to impose mere targeted sanctions on Iranian wrongdoers, declaring: "Smart sanctions are dumb." We need, he said, "absolutely crippling sanctions." And Representative Ed Royce thundered that the United States and its allies must impose "crushing" sanctions, then added: "Even crushing sanctions might not do the job."

Noting that most of the speakers were either rabid, right-wing Republicans or militantly pro-AIPAC Democrats, I went over to Representative Barney Frank as the left the room. Is there any way to stop this runaway train? I asked. "No," he said. And he's glad. Frank argues that the bill, which as written will compel the president to impose sanctions on friend and foe alike who sell gasolin... >>>

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IRI hargez nemimirad

by IRI on

either join Iran or be a loser.


America is finally waking up

by mahmoudg on

This giant is slowly but surely realizing Iran needs to be cleansed of the Mullah's and the regime that has crippled it.  The only way to salvation is the use of military might against, the regime's assets and military bases.  destory them and the regime will fall from within.


Joe Liberman the Whiner? a Ture NOKAR

by capt_ayhab on

Ok Senator..... now crawl back to your miserable existence of betraying your own country.

What an stupid existence this monkey  must project?



These are just domestic

by vildemose on

These are just domestic posturing of senators for internal political scoring. The IRI will get her nuke and there will be now war on Iran.

The biggest Aash is the "nuclear Umbrella". Enjoy it!