Why Pakistan Produces Jihadists
Wall Street Journal / Sadanand Dhume
05-May-2010 (7 comments)

Pakistan's history of pan-Islamism does not mean that all Pakistanis, much less everyone of Pakistani origin, hold extremist views. But it does explain why a larger percentage of Pakistanis than, say, Indonesians or Tunisians, are likely to see the world through the narrow prism of their faith.

If Pakistan is to be reformed, then the goal must be to replace its political and cultural DNA. Pan-Islamism has to give way to old-fashioned nationalism. An expansionist foreign policy needs to be canned in favor of development for the impoverished masses. The grip of the army, and by extension the ISI, over national life will have to be weakened. The encouragement of local languages and cultures such as Punjabi and Sindhi can help create a broader identity, one not in conflict with the West. School curricula ought to be overhauled to inculcate a respect for non-Muslims.


Pan-Islamism versus nationalism

by varjavand on

Ironically, while Iran has not produced any single known terrorist nor has been accused of participating in, or contributing to, any act of terrorism against US or any other countries for that matter, nonetheless, there is a growing hostility in the U.S. toward Iran and its government.



shift Al Qaeda to Taliban? And, Iranian terrorism?

by MM on

I saw a TV commentary that in Pakistan, there may be a shift from Al Qaeda-related to Taliban-related terrorism.  I do not know!

Iranian roadside bombs have been found/linked in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In addition, The Iranian terrorism has been supposedly linked to bombings in Argentina, Israel, Kobar towers and Marine barracks in Beirut.  And, Iran supports terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Iraqi Shi'a sects and Hezbollah militarily, financially and morally.  The mess we are in in the US with the Persepolis Tablets is the result of a lawsuit as a result of Iranian support of terrorist groups.

Finally, IRI has 70 million hostages who live under terror as we speak.  Well, may be minus about 10-15% IRI supporters who live in comfort.


Them G@dDamn Terrorits.................

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King David Hotel bombing




How soon we forget the IRI

by vildemose on

How soon we forget the IRI domestic terrorism on its own citizens? How very convenient.

maziar 58

add this one

by maziar 58 on

3- bombing of AMIA Building in Buenos Aires ,Argentina



The most widely accepted

by Bavafa on

The most widely accepted definition for terrorism is:

"the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious"

Attacking a barracked of soldiers in a foreign country is not by any means within that definition. But attacking and shooting down an airliner for sure falls within that definition. Lets see which country has shot down a civilian airliner?



IRR does

by Fred on

There is a long list of Islamist Rapist Republic sponsored terrorist acts against many nationalities including Americans, just two of the most heinous ones:

1- U.S. Marine barracks at Beirut Airport:



2- Khobar Tower mass murder where FBI concluded IRR was involved.



Of course all the assassinations of Iranians abroad by the IRR are classified as state sponsored terrorist acts. At last count IRR had over one hundred individual terrorist acts in  elimination of Iranians abroad under its belt.