‘We Are Ready to Pay Any Price’
Newsweek / Maziar Bahari
05-Jun-2010 (2 comments)

You are called a conspirator and a danger to national security. Why do you think they haven’t arrested you yet?
They’ve attacked my house twice and broke all the windows. They’ve shut down my office, my newspaper, and my party. They beat up one of my children. Two of my children are banned from leaving the country. They’ve arrested many people who were close to me. Any member of the Parliament who comes to visit me is chased and attacked. I’m not sure whether they’re going to arrest me or not, but my family and myself, we are all ready to pay any price for our struggle for the people of Iran.
Are you one of the leaders of the Green Movement?
If there were individuals who led the Green Movement, the government would immediately arrest them and put them in prison. When Mr. Mousavi and I assigned a four-member committee to look after the families of those who were harmed during the post-election protests, all those four members were arrested.
Has there been a coup d’état in Iran?
Yes, absolutely. A military group that took over in 2005 [when Ahmadinejad was first elected] has started to eliminate all the competent officials from the government. There has been a military takeover of politics and economy in the country.
Do you oppose the Islamic Republic as a form of government, or do you think it can be reformed?
I fought to establish an Islamic Republic for decades before the [1979] revolution. I’ve held many importa... >>>

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Please do us a favor and don't fight for the people of iran

by mahmoudg on

You will be lucky to be put on a Western style court once the country is freed of this Islamic Jehalat that has gripped us for 1400 years and its product has been worthless backward Mullahs like you.


Great Article

by Escape on

Newsweek always pull it off,interesting he admits it was a Military Coup.