Mousavi slams government, outlines opposition objectives
Los Angeles Times / Meris Lutz

Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi offered the clearest outline yet of his movement's platform Tuesday, publishing a charter that calls for sweeping reform while affirming the so-called "Green Movement's" commitment to the principles of the Islamic Revolution.

The statement began by listing the abuses of the present government and condemning the "hypocrisy" of "sanctimonious hardliners.” It then went on to lay out the principles and objectives of the movement, which, taken together, present a vision for a nationalist, reformist Islamic Iran with free elections, and an independent judiciary and press.

However, the PDF version of the statement includes a vital paragraph not published in the version that went up on Mousavi's website in which the former pillar of the regime calls for the separation of religion and state.

"Maintaining the independence of religious and clerical bodies from the regime is the only option to preserve the exalted status of religion in the Iranian society and it will be one of the main principles hitting high on the agenda of the Green Movement," it read.

The rest of the statement, while leveling harsh accusations of corruption and brutality at the government, leaves the impression that Mousavi merely wants to reform the Islamic political system, not undermine its premise.

“The Green Movement reaffirms its commitment to human, moral, religious and Iranian principles and values and feels obliged to re... >>>

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