IRGC Warns to Retaliate against West's Cargo Inspection
Fars News Agency
24-Jun-2010 (one comment)

IRGC Warns to Retaliate against West's Cargo Inspection

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps stressed that the IRGC will take retaliatory measures in case Iran-bound cargo ships come under inspection by the West.

"This force is mighty and capable of reacting very especially and very appropriately to inspection against Iranian ships," Commander of IRGC Naval Forces Ali Fadavi said on Wednesday.

"The Americans and their shaky allies would probably not dare to sneer at out ships maliciously anywhere in the world waters, anyway," Fadavi said in an interview with the Islamic republic news agency.

"If they would resort to such a silly act in accordance with their illegitimate and illegal resolution, we would in the Persian Gulf and at the Strait of Hormoz react with a very special and very appropriate move, relying on the grace of God, and our might and capabilities that are drastically improved compared to the era of our sacred defense war," He reiterated.

"The Persian Gulf is the center, and the most sensitive point of the entire world, and the Americans cannot survive without the Persian Gulf and we can exert as much pressure as we might wish to, at any time at this strait," He also added.

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this guys is a moron and "khalee band"

by mahmoudg on

just like antarinejad and khamenei.  their lies are so pathetic and outragoeus, it makes school children laugh at their claims.  He states we have thousands of warships that American know nothing about.  What a farce.  America knows throughs its eye in the sky exactly how many and in exctly which location there ships are (which i may add amounts to less than 50). I can't wait until this moron is also arrested just as the Americans arrested that Baghdad loud mouth, jumping up and down, when the American forces a few miles from that city.  It would be a pleasure to see and read about these guys begging for mercy and "be ghalat kardam beyooftan" whist being tried in a just Western style court of law.