Iran sanctions: The Arab world against Iran?
Huffington Post / Bernard-Henri Levy
06-Jul-2010 (6 comments)

The Emirates were working closely with Israel to secure their borders, protect their oil wells, and prepare themselves for eventual destabilizing operations on the part of Iran!

Ari Siletz

American media view on Arab-Iran relations

by Ari Siletz on


One commentor on the article says, "I'd like to see the UAE try to forcibly board an Iranian ship after it refuses to allow inspections.

Iran will devour the UAE."



Verytass - Stuck fighting a losing ideological battle?

by Onlyiran on

First of all, can you please give us the source of this great observation: 

The truth is many israelis HATE dubai and would rather see it all fall apart

Was there a poll of some sort that came out with this result that we do not know of?

Look, the truth of the matter is that most Arab states, including the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, are doing business with Israel(and vice versa) because it's in their nations' economic interests, especially in today's stale world markets.  Here, read this:


Unlike the IRI, with its few fanatical followers and even fewer leftover revolutionary fossils like you, most countries in the world do not base their economy and the interests on their nation on ideology and a never ending "battle" against this and that.  The ones that do end up being the economic sh**holes that they have become, such as Cuba, Hamas in Gaza and the IRI.  Today's world is not about fighting great ideological battles.  The 50's and 60's are over.  The USSR is gone.  Today's world is about global markets and nations' interdependence on one another.  

You ought to get out of your 1979 bubble once a while. 


Israel lobby new agenda

by verytass on

Mr BHL, is a french neocon. He is multimillionaire, who tries to be intellectual but is really not. However, with his family money he was able to be published and now have a voice. 


Basically, Israel lobby is fooling the arabs into thinking they are going to be on their side. The truth is many israelis HATE dubai and would rather see it all fall apart. So for not they might seem to be supportive of UAE, but after they bomb Iran they will then find some excuse to go after UAE. Unfortunately the ruling people at UAE are nothing but bunch of  idiots who'd fall for this trick. So be it! 


About UAE

by MM on

About UAE (US/Canada analogy), some think that Iran can send the Salvation army to beat them, but UAE bought 80 F-16 fighers in 2000 from the US (//  And, UAE probably bought a lot more military hardware that we do not know about!  So, they do have some teeth, but no one knows how their bite is.  Besides, as US allies, UAE will probably rely on the US fleet to back them up in most operations.

BTW, did you notice the description of the author of the article:

Bernard-Henri Lévy: French philosopher and writer


"Iran will devour the UAE"

by fooladi on

Said someone her.

I say: The last person who tried to "devour" one of these oil rich dominion states of USA was I believe called Mr Saddam Hussein........


Typical nonsense

by Asghar_Massombagi on

from BHL.  Let's see, the ragtag, corrupt group of oil fiefdoms put to power by the British known as the UAE are examples of peaceful Islam.  The same UAE that has been whining about the three islands since the late Shah kicked their asses out of the there.  No matter what violations of human rights (stoning, beheading, no vote for women, basically a medieval society gussied up by oil money) happens in Saudi Arabia, they're still better than the next Hitler, with his plans for a total war (LOL!!!).  Of course BHL is not trying to sully the blessed Israeli democracy with association with odious Saudi theocracy BUT anything is better than the Shi'a fanatics, even Sunni fanatics (Anyone recall Afghanistan in the 80's?), you know, the same Sunni fantatics who blow up hundreds of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, the same ones that are financed by the Saudis, the same ones who flew the planes into the World Trade center; the same Saudis who finance thousands of mosques around the world disseminating Wahhabi hatred against anyone who doesn’t adhere to their brand of nonsense.  So BHL now is advocating hatred against the Shi'a between the lines.  Nothing new; "king" Abdallah of Jordan has been whining about a Shi'a crescent for a few years.  Who reads this moron?  Why doesn't this intellectual whore stick to what he knows, like corrupting college girls enamored with his tanned skinny torso.