"Sanctions alone do not work"
10-Jul-2010 (3 comments)

We cannot afford to wait indefinitely to determine the effectiveness of diplomacy and sanctions. Sanctions can be effective only if coupled with open preparation for the military option as a last resort. Indeed, publicly playing down potential military options has weakened our leverage with Tehran, making a peaceful resolution less likely.

Instead, the administration needs to expand its approach and make clear to the Iranian regime and the American people: If diplomatic and economic pressures do not compel Iran to terminate its nuclear program, the U.S. military has the capability and is prepared to launch an effective, targeted strike on Tehran's nuclear and supporting military facilities.


Making The Case for War With Iran


Still think sanctions was the end goal?



How original

by benross on

This is an article published in 'opinion' section. It's not going to happen. Netanyahu has given it up. These stupid bunch don't!

I question though, the integrity of the poster who is so eager to perpetuate these nonsense. Is it to sidetrack the real public debate for Iranians?



by Marjaneh on


I hope that genocidal maniac Murdoch makes all his papers available on subscription only soon....

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