To War?
Iran Diplomacy / Hooman Majd
17-Jul-2010 (3 comments)
No, there is no military solution to the Iranian nuclear issue, not by the U.S. and not by Israel, despite all the chatter. One might then wonder why the U.S. insists on keeping the option “on the table”. There are many good reasons not to, as put forth in the past by analysts and writers (including myself). The White House may even recognize the advantages in removing the military option in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program, but the U.S. president cannot make any deal with Iran, even if it is advantageous to the U.S., from a perceived position of weakness. And removing the threat of war is perceived as weakness, whether we like it or not. Rhetorically “all options are on the table,” yes, but the reality is that war with Iran is probably not. At least not in President Obama’s first term of office. >>>

What War?

by Asghar_Massombagi on

Hooman's point of view, and not a bad one. But a cocked gun with its safety catch off may, however unintentionally, go off eventually.



Maybe not on Obama's mind

by mahmoudg on

but certainly on Israeli's mind, and believe me, Isreal will finish this rat infested regime in Iran, when all liberals in the west will fail.  There was no re-approachment with Hitler, and there can't be any with Khamenei and there never was any with Khomeini.  They are and were muderors at their core.  Islam in its 1400 year entirety has done nothing but bring death and destruction and unfortunatley this is an Arab trait.



by shushtari on

is clearly on the payroll of the akhoonds......down to his felestini scarf and tah-rish......

why should we take the akhoonds' word on anything???? they are a bunch of lying, murdering thieves who have the blood of hundreds of thousands of iranians on their hands....

this guy will be playing with rafsanjani in south lebanon soon