Mayor Bloomberg Stands Up For Mosque
03-Aug-2010 (5 comments)

Mayor Bloomberg, Council Speaker Christine Quinn and 10 religious leaders of various faiths journeyed to Governors Island this afternoon to show their support for the proposed mosque and community center near the World Trade Center site. With the Statue of Liberty in the background, the mayor gave what sure sounded like one of his most heartfelt speeches ever. He's usually a technocrat, and often comes across that way, but today's speech was a stirring declaration of principle. He even got choked up at one point.


Thank you to Iranians who helped with this!

by Q on

Congratulations to all who helped with this effort. I'm proud to say that Iranian activists both secular and religious were on the right side of this issue joined dozens of others who supported the campaign. Chalk one up for peace and tolerance.



I would have rather to see

by Bavafa on

I would have rather to see a library built instead filled with the books and documents relating to US and ME relation and what has led to this act.



Good to see this pro-israel politician

by thexmaster on

take the side of the US constitution and freedom of religion.    Can't say the same for the ADL.


I would much rather have

by mahmoudg on

a public latrine erected anywhere there is a desire to have a mosque.  the first serves the public more than the second would.

i am a bahai too

America is great country for this,

by i am a bahai too on

America is great country for this, the Mayor's speech was excellent. This is what freedom looks like.