Left Think Tank Mystifies Iran-Saudi Tensions
mrzine.org / Rostam Pourzal
12-Aug-2010 (one comment)

No one should be surprised when The Economist or another controlled opinion source misrepresents tensions in the Persian Gulf as religious rivalry while overlooking decades of U.S. and Israeli success in stoking them for imperial gain.  The so-called mainstream press typically repeats unsubstantiated charges to pretend that Arab client states of Washington buy tens of billions of dollars of advanced weaponry as a response to alleged Iranian fanaticism.  No mention that Iran's military spending per capita is among the lowest in the region, even though it faces the credible threat of a devastating US or Israeli attack.  We expect such "analysis" from the guardians of Western elites' perverse campaign to confuse the public about what causes conflicts.


Shi'a-Sunni "tension" Silver Bullet

by Asghar_Massombagi on

I don't agree with all of Pourzal's arguments here but it is nevertheless a good analysis.  It also helps diversity of opinion on this very one-sided site.