Shiva Nazar Ahari’s Mother Hopes For An Acquittal
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

After the last session of Shiva Nazar Ahari’s trial was held in Tehran today, her mother told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that “her family is very hopeful about Shiva’s acquittal.” Shahrzad Kariman told the Campaign that she was only able to exchange greetings with her daughter outside the court as she was not allowed in the courtroom. “I saw Shiva. We could see her outside the court for a few minutes, just enough to hug her, but we couldn’t ask her how the court session went. We will wait to see about the ruling,” she said. “It’s impossible to say anything about the trial. We have to wait for the verdict which they have said will be made in a month,” she emphasized. She confirmed her daughter’s appearing at the court in handcuffs.
“We will have to wait for the ruling to see what we should do. We didn’t know what the charges were prior to the court session. We will have to wait for the ruling to see what it is. I ask all to please let the court ruling be issued and to refrain from presuming a verdict for my child,” Mrs. Kariman told the Campaign. “The lawyer read the case file. He said there is no evidence or documents [against her], and Shiva was able to defend herself well. God willing, Shiva will be exonerated in court,” she said, quoting Nazar Ahari’s lawyer, Mohammad Sharif.

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