From “road to peace leads through Baghdad” to “road to peace leads through Tehran”

Last week brought a marked increase in neoconservatives and their allies pinpointing “where the road to peace” leads through. In 2002 and 2003, they argued that road leads “through Baghdad.” In 2010, it now leads “through Tehran.”

On a nearly daily occurrence, neoconservative op-ed columns and blogsarerecycling the worn talking point, with hawks reiterating peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis are doomed as long as Iran continues its alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Back in April 2002, a year prior to the invasion of Iraq, Foreign Policy Initiative and PNAC co-founders Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan wrote that Middle East peace would be unattainable unless Saddam Hussein was overthrown.

Now they want to drive down their newest repaved “road that leads to real security and peace,” because the last road doesn’t seem to have ledanyone there. Their utter failure to chart a sound course in the first decade of the century hasn’t stopped the blustering of Iran hawks throughout Washington. Neoconservatives and their allies still employ the thoroughly debunked ... >>>

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