Journal of Greek, Roman and Persian Studies, Volume III.
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22-Sep-2010 (one comment)

Reader: An Academic and Religious Journal of Greek, Roman and Persian Studies,
Volume  III is now out to mark the Mehergan Festival.
It contains several ground breaking papers on Persian History and
Archaeological studies.  It covers
Sassanian Fire Temple of Rivand in Sabzevar, Iran; The
Zoroastrian Holyland of Haetumant in Iran; The
Achaemenid Grand Strategy, Anahita
Lady of Persia;
to name some.

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Table of

A Journey
to the Hypercosmic side of the Sun by Prof Ezio Albrile 15

and the Resurrection of a God: the Neo-Mithraic Communities by Dr. Israel
Campos 28

and the Natural Slave: The Athenian Relationship with India by Robert F.
Mullen, M.A. 35

The Dawn
of Religions in Afghanistan-Seistan-G... >>>


New Persian Archaeological Discoveries

by Nabarz on

One of the major publications in 2010 on Persian history, showing the role of Persia in the ancient world.