Is German Chancellor Angela Merkel Pro-Israel and Pro-American?
WeeklyStandard / Benjamin Weinthal
30-Sep-2010 (one comment)

Neocon Weekly Standard Magazine: "What Brüggmann and many German journalists fail to understand is flexing one's economic muscles to promote democracy and protect the West is the right form of American economic might. Invoking economic leverage to change despotic regimes should be embraced by Germany's young democracy,for it is a sign of democratic maturity.  All of this means that if Chancellor Merkel wants to fill the German-Israeli “special
with meaning and content at a critical security juncture in Israel's history, she should evict the EIH “terror bank” from Germany and crackdown on the vast sector of mid-level German engineering firms supplying Iran's infrastructure with invaluable technology. German corporations such as BASF and MAN, whose large operations in Iran are serving as a crutch for the Iranian regime, need to be roped in."


Neocons shaming EU, push to stall progress in Iran


they are so caring! Iranian people will be ever so thankful!