Poll finds Americans not trigger-happy on Iran
04-Oct-2010 (one comment)

A new monthly poll commissioned by CBS's "60 Minutes" and Vanity Fair magazine finds seemingly low support for a preemptive U.S. attack on Iran.

On Iran, the monthly poll, conducted by CBS's News Election and Survey Unit, asked: "Which would cause you to support a U.S. war with Iran?" 25% of respondents said "only if Iran attacks U.S. soil;" an additional 25% said "If Iran attacks the U.S. fleet;" 11% said "If Iran tests a nuclear bomb;" and 10% said "If Iran attacks Israel." 24% of respondents answered that nothing would cause them to support a war with Iran.

The poll was conducted at the CBS News interviewing facility among a random sample of 906 adults nationwide, interviewed by telephone September 6­–8, 2010, a press statement said.
It asks a somewhat jarring range of questions on the American pop cultural and political zeitgeist, from who Americans consider to be the world's most eligible single woman (Jennifer Aniston beats out Elin Nordegren); to what Americans consider to be the biggest waste of their time (36% of respondents say social networking), to what will bring humankind to an end (34% said "none of the above.")

The poll also found that 63% of respondents oppose the proposed park51 Islamic cultural and community center near Ground Zero.

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Actually these numbers are telling

by mahmoudg on

that large numbers do support some strike under some condition.  However the questions is vague.  These questions should be revised and precisely state that America and its allies do not want to attack Iran, i.e. in  the traditional sense of invasding territories, with foot soldiers, but rather precise bombing strikes from a far distance and not using tanks or personnel carriers.  Rather using ballistic missiles, launced from ships and subs.  Aerial bombardment, and use of drones.  When it is explained this way to Americans, they all support removing this regime by this kind of force.  As i am explaining to them in the venues I attend.