What Does Israel Know About Iran Anyway?
09-Oct-2010 (3 comments)

Columbia history professor Richard Bulliet spent three weeks in Israel last spring, he told a packed room at an ominously named event — “War With Iran?” — hosted by the university’s Middle East Institute. “Iran was always coming up as an ‘existential threat,’” he said.

Bulliet was in Israel evaluating the country’s Middle East programs. He  seemed disconcerted by what he found: There was very little study of this so-called “existential threat.” The designation was not backed by any rigorous academic examination of the country on the receiving end of the accusation.

“To my recollection,” he said, “there were five professors in Israel who were… specialists on Iran.”


Israel's lack of Iran expertise


“Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.”



Non Jews do not have to live in Israel

by mahmoudg on

Israel was made specifically for jews.  Those who dont want to live there, can continue to live in US, Europe and yes even Iran.  Let us not forget when Cyrus freed them from captivity, the majority moved to the then Persian empire as opposed to returning to the Holy land or staying put.  Jews have more history in Iran, then elsewhere in the region.  Queen Esther, her tomb which is as sacred as that of the King Solomon's temple, and many other shrines, to name as few.  My understading is though, that the Orthodox jews in Isreal mostly the Ashkenazee (sp?) do not want to admit that the history of Judaism and Persians/Iranians are intertwined, whether they like it or not this is the case and Iran and Israel will have to reconcile their differences.  Once Israel reciprocates and helps bomb these terrorits out of Iran, though.

Immortal Guard

Actually it is the other way around!

by Immortal Guard on

There are 30 thosand Jews living in Iran! How many non-Jewish Iranians live in Israel?